Why is it again I don't wake up in a really cool bedroom like this every morning? I found this on a fun blog, here: All Things Shabby Chic


  1. O.K. Now were talking!Love it so much.My husband keeps telling me that full time RVing is an option for us.He's been retired for 6 years and keeps hinting that our cash flow would be huge if we full timed RVd.Well,thats alot to ask of a woman but if my place could look like that,well thats a different story.Could you just see though Him bringing home His fishing buddies for a cup of coffee after a long day fishing on the lake.

  2. Full time RV living is THE BEST! It does take a certain amount of accomodation for your partner and your limited space - but the freedom is phenomenal. Maybe you guys could try it for 3 to 6 months before deciding?