I forund a GREAT jewelry box yesterday at Goodies (Goodwill).
It plays this:

I was originally ispired to do a jewelry box makeover

I've fallen madly in love with her Baby Blue Bird Box and the TUTORIAL.

I don't expect mine to look this lovely and handpainted, as I'll be using a decal and some decoupage, but we do what we can.

I hope it inspires you too!

Swedish Shab


Etsy Cottage Style

Are you an Etsy seller?  I've recently become a part of this group and am so glad I did.

Please check them out for some LOVELY Shabby Goodness.


Good Morning Darlings,

Today I would like you to meet Violet LeBeaux. 

I think she's just the cutest thing!
She's got so many tutes.  I was thinking I could modify a shower cap tute into a cover for my iron and there she was.  I hope you like her blog.


I found myself on the Bridal page but this website has loads of goodness, bridal or other.

Here's the link: Roses-and-teacups.com


The best Shabby Goodness EVER!

HAPPY FRIDAY!  I hope you're ready for a lovely weekend and if you're on a treasure hunt, I hope you find great new treasures. My favorite parts of Shabby Chic style decorating are the recycling and the hunt.

I was hunting around the web and found some lovely chateaus.  So how about Shabby Goodness from the outside in?

I'm sorry to say these are all "French" Chateaus and I'm guessing the majority of us are stateside, but a girl can dream can't she?

Here's the link: Click here to link over!